Do the very wealthy people split the bill when they eat together?

QuietGrowth - Wealthy People Split Bill Eat Together

Given the nature of our business at QuietGrowth, our team members socialise in public places across geographies with wealthy people very frequently at a personal level. Our team members have personal friendships with a wide variety of wealthy people and eat together often. The observations are consistent: “It is incorrect to say that the wealthy people split the bill when they eat together. Most of the times, the wealthy people do not split the bill.”


  • the person who hosts or who has arranged the invitation for the meetup, picks the bill, or,
  • the bill gets picked up in its entirety by a single person in one meetup, alternating between different people in a round-robin manner over multiple meetups.

The cost of the bill is a very small issue for the wealthy. Hence, they do not bother about splitting the bill.

Also, if you split the bill, it is a signal that you might not meet the other person again in near future. You clearly want to avoid sending out that signal! Instead, if one person picks up the bill in its entirety, then it is an unsaid signal that another meetup should happen in near future, wherein the bill is usually picked up by the other person!

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