What investing services do the wealthy use, or have access to, that aren’t available to the average person?

QuietGrowth - Investing Services do the Wealthy Use

The wealthy use many wealth management services and privileges that an average person does not have access to:

  • Engage a high-quality financial adviser who takes care of various aspects of financial planning such as investment advice, estate planning, tax planning, succession planning, etc. These high-quality advisers take clients who have at least few tens of millions of investible assets.
  • Engage a high-quality investment adviser and investment manager who can design and manage the portfolio. Wealthier people have a dedicated family office that takes care of their investment needs. The typical investible assets of a family office are above $100 million.
  • Become a Limited Partner (LP) of a Venture Capital fund run by a reputed VC firm
  • Invest in a reputed hedge fund
  • Invest in a reputed private equity fund
  • Join an angel investor network and get an opportunity to become a shareholder in high-quality, early-stage startups.
  • Invest in promising alternative investments in many areas such as art and collectible cars
  • Participate in pre-IPO placements
  • Participate in pre-ICO sales of certain ventures.

Since 2010, because of the advent of automated investment management services (robo advisers), everyone has online access to high-quality investment management oriented towards the long-term. For example, the mission of our firm QuietGrowth is to provide access to wise investing to all, through knowledge, technology and transparency.

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