Should I invest in a portfolio or in a fund?

We at QuietGrowth believe that your investment choice should be personalised to your risk profile, risk-optimised for long term returns, highly diversified, and should take your Personal Circumstances into consideration. A QuietGrowth managed account portfolio has these characteristics, unlike a managed fund that may not be well-diversified nor optimised to your risk profile. Hence, investing in a managed account with a well-diversified portfolio could be more beneficial than investing in a single fund in the long term.

Your portfolio as a managed account structure can in-turn comprise of various funds, direct stocks, bonds and/or other financial instruments. For example, each of the QuietGrowth managed account portfolios is built with various ETFs across asset classes.

Please note that just because a fund comprises of few hundred stocks or bonds does not mean that it is highly-diversified, compared to a well-constructed portfolio.

There are many funds available in the market and each of these funds vary from the other in various parameters. So, deciding on which funds to invest in and how much of your wealth should be invested in a particular fund is not easy. Hence, it is preferable to rely on a high-quality investment adviser to construct a portfolio for your investment needs. QuietGrowth acts as an investment adviser keeping your best interests in mind as we construct portfolios from carefully selected third-party funds for your investment needs.

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