QuietGrowth notes on investing No. 2

QuietGrowth - Notes on Investing and Economics No. 2

There is a growing sense of uneasiness among the people. The year 2020 has not been kind for many. Disasters, tragedies, tensions and now a virus pandemic have occurred in 2020. These have affected the sentiment of the people, and this sentiment is significant to the act of investing. Below are few short notes on investing, markets and economics. These are our recent observations.

QuietGrowth - Stress Hurts Your Immune System

Don’t get stressed about market volatility. Instead, invest for the long-term. Stress hurts your immune system. Stress hormone cortisol turns off cells in the immune system. Probability of recovery from corona virus decreases with a weaker immune system.

QuietGrowth - Fundamentals Of Many Market Dynamics

Fundamentals of many market dynamics globally are getting altered. Coronavirus outbreak has catalysed these shifts in different directions. The relevance of highly-diversified investment portfolios such as QuietGrowth portfolios for you is much more now in these volatile times.

QuietGrowth - Corona virus outbreak

Recession in many countries is predicted this year, catalysed by corona virus outbreak. You shouldn’t fear because recessions are part of economic cycles. Diversified investment portfolios such as QuietGrowth portfolios aim for the long-term.

QuietGrowth - Young Investors to Invest

A market downturn lowers the valuation of assets. It’s an opportunity for young investors to invest at these lower valuations for the long-term. When business confidence recovers over time, asset valuations increase accordingly. And this very time is on the side of young investors.

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