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An introduction to reserve currency

QuietGrowth - An introduction to reserve currency
A reserve currency is a foreign currency held in substantial quantities by governments, central banks, and other financial institutions as part of their foreign exchange reserves. These reserves are typically used to stabilise their domestic currency’s value and to conduct international trade and investment transactions. (more…)

An introduction to stagflation

QuietGrowth - An introduction to stagflation

Stagflation is a condition in which an economy experiences a combination of stagnant economic growth, high unemployment, and high inflation. Stagflation is a rare and often challenging economic phenomenon because it presents policymakers with a tough trade-off between stimulating economic growth and controlling inflation. (more…)

An introduction to family office

QuietGrowth - An introduction to family office

A family office is a private wealth management advisory firm that serves high-net-worth families and individuals. It provides financial and personal services to manage their wealth and investments, including asset allocation, tax planning, estate planning, philanthropy, and, often, lifestyle management services such as travel arrangements, concierge services, and private staff hiring. (more…)

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