Is there a list of hedge funds or mutual funds that invest in fintech?

List of hedge funds or mutual funds that invest in fintech
I have come across this question few times. Below is my response.

You seem to want to have an investment exposure to fintech.

Even though financial service companies have been developing/adopting technologies at least for last couple of decades, fintech as a distinct and more visible space has been emerging strong only since last few years. So there are very few fintech companies that are public.

Hence, you would not find many mutual fund whose theme is fintech.

Some hedge funds do invest in fintech. However, investments in fintech firms are usually long-term, and hence there are not many hedge funds (may be, none) which are purely fintech-oriented.

So, the options for you are:
a) make seed investments in early-stage fintech firms, if you have access to the deal flow.
b) invest in fintech firms that have gone public.
c) become a limited partner to venture funds that are focused heavily on fintech, if you have access to such funds.

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